May 2021 - Present

ReactJS, GraphCMS, GatsbyJS, Snipcart.

My first foray into headless e-commerce. I built this site from the ground up under the supervision of Setenvescie. Complete with a custom Gatsby plugin, and webhooks.

4TR Homepage

June 2021 - Present

ReactJS, NetlifyCMS, SPA.

Single-page app programmed and themed from the ground up. Page includes seamless Mixcloud integration, a feed scraper from Mixcloud to get new content, shopping cart functionality (releasing soon), and a content management system to coordinate new drops.

OLTO Concepts

April 2021 - June 2021


Built a portfolio site for my creative partner and I. This site was my first foray into portfolio work, and was built for maximum search engine presence (low payloads, image optimization, Google SEO).

August 2021

Wordpress, WooCommerce.

Designed and developed a store for Assorted Wears, a New York-based fashion collective.

Bryan Jimenez

October 2021

ReactJS, NetlifyCMS, GatsbyJS, Shopify.

Completed a site overhaul for New York fashion designer Bryan Jimenez. Deliverables included a full migration from Squarespace to Shopify, an increase in site speed, SEO optimization, and a bespoke template designed by Bryan and myself.